Intelligently designed for rail, utilities and critical infrastructure projects


Core Features

As standard, all of our towers boast an impressive range of smart security features

65m Smart Security Perimeter

Our extendable 7m tower’s impressive defences operate up to 65 metres from the tower’s base, creating a sizeable protective zone for critical areas.

Invisible Protection

Our software marks no-go areas with invisible tripwires, the crossing of which triggers loud audio warnings and alerts designated responders.

24/7 365 Operation

Protect your site even in gloomy weather. Wide Dynamic Range and Low Light Technology deliver quality images even at night, all day, every day.

CAT 2 Remote Monitoring

Our CAT 2 in-house monitoring station, controlled by experienced professionals, monitors your site 24/7 giving you peace of mind.

Intelligent Motion Detection

Intelligent motion detection uses an advanced algorithm to identify human and vehicular shapes within a scene to minimise false alarms.

Rapid Deployment & Commissioning

Nationwide coverage ensures speedy delivery, while intuitive controls allow system setup in a matter of minutes.

Loud Audio Deterrent

Once an intrusion is detected, a loud pre-recorded audio warning is triggered, acting as a deterrent to intruders by signalling that security protocols are being initiated.

Remote Viewing Application

Our convenient mobile app works on mobile devices, allowing you to check on your site anytime, day or night, irrespective of location, on your mobile phone or tablet.

Deep Learning Technology

Our system adapts to its environment, learning from false activations and continually improving its operational efficiency.


Choose Your Power Source

Our Solar CCTV Towers can help your business decarbonise

Regular Power Supply

For sites with a power supply, our traditional smart CCTV tower delivers all the power required to deliver our system’s intelligent analytics and rigorous security.

Solar Powered

Designed for sites without power, our solar-powered smart CCTV towers gets all the power it needs from renewable energy sources with no CO2 emissions.


Advanced Analytics Upgrade

We can upgrade the cameras and DVR/NVR to deliver next-generation analytic capabilities

PPE Detection

Detects Personal Protective Equipment compliance. Attributes detected include hard hats, reflective vests, masks, glasses, top colour and bottom colour.

Video Metadata

Extracts up to 28 attributes, allowing the system to detect, track, and capture and easily access images of people, vehicles and non-motor vehicles.

Traffic Management

Advanced algorithms deliver real-time traffic management of up to 2000 fast-moving vehicles per hour, per lane, including speed, lane management, vehicle counting, and breakdowns.

Vehicle Recognition

ANPR (Automatic Number-Plate Recognition) helps you control vehicle access on your site, allowing designated vehicles access to predetermined areas, creating a safer environment.


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We are innovators. We are integrators. We are disruptors. We design, engineer, build and deploy robust, low-cost intelligent CCTV systems created explicitly for the unique requirements of rail, utilities, and critical national infrastructure organisations. These sectors keep the UK running, and Trust Hire helps these industries to keep delivering essential services to the public.


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