A guide to farm security

A guide to farm security

Farmers are integral to UK society, keeping food on the tables of the nation and contributing a significant amount of money to the economy.

It is vital that any threat to the future of the farming and agriculture industry is dealt with and everything possible is done to support the key workers that do such a fantastic job keeping the country on its feet.

At Trust Hire, we have put a lot of time and effort into optimising our agriculture security services, ensuring that we can help UK farmers to protect themselves against the threat of criminal activity.

In this blog we will look at why this is such an important task, the threats that farmers face on a day-to-day basis, and the steps that you can take as a farmer to keep your land, people, livestock, and other key assets safe.

What threats do farmers face?

The nature of farms means they are often found in remote rural locations and cover a pretty large area of land. They are also packed full of vehicles, livestock, machinery, and other assets that are highly attractive to criminals.

Some of the threats faced by UK farmers on a daily basis include:

Vehicle Theft

Quad-bikes, ATVs, and other farm vehicles are essential to the operations of any farm, especially one that covers a large area of land.

They are also attractive targets for thieves, who view these vehicles as high value items that can easily be removed from your site never to be seen again. Unfortunately, there has also been a rise in demand for these vehicles in recent times due to supply chain issues and long waiting times, sending prices through the roof and making them even more highly sought after.

More traditional agricultural vehicles such as tractors and combine harvesters are also popular targets from criminals, especially when they are left unattended over night in a field or farmyard. If the entire vehicle is a bit too much for the criminals to handle, they will happily take the GPS system, accessories, or anything else with any sort of value.

Fuel Theft

The cost of fuel has soared in recent years and farms and the theft of diesel, heating oil, and other essential fuel used to keep a farm operational has become all too common.

Fuel theft is a serious issue for any farm, not only due to the high cost of replacement but also because a lack of fuel could prevent vital operations taking place at key times and cause you to miss vital harvesting opportunities.

Livestock theft

Livestock theft, or poaching is a problem as old as time in the farming community and remains a major issue to this day. The rising cost of food has only exacerbated the problem as poaching has become more lucrative than it has ever been before.


The remote nature of many farms means that farmers are often left to deal with piles of rubbish dumped illegally on their land.

Staggeringly, over two-thirds of farmers reported being affected by fly-tipping in a report by the Countryside Alliance, with the cost of clearing rubbish and halted operations estimated to cost the industry nearly £50 million every year.

How to improve farm security

As a farmer, it is essential that you put the right security measures in place to protect yourself against the threats mentioned above.

Many agricultural crimes were later found to have been avoidable if physical security measures had been in place at the time of the incident.

Some of the most effective measures for farm security include:
  • Security Guards – SIA licenced security guards will patrol key areas of your farm, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious, deterring criminals, and dealing with threats in real time.
  • CCTV – CCTV will not only help to identify and intercept intruders on your site but also means that if they do manage to get away you have valuable evidence for the police and insurance companies.
  • Alarm response – Arranging a professional alarm response service will ensure all alarm activations are attended by highly trained security officers in a matter of minutes.
  • Access Control – Building a 7 foot fence around your entire farm isn’t very practical, but access control is still vital in key areas. Biometric access control scanners and electronic lock will keep the areas where you store your most valuable assets safe and secure.

If you are a farmer looking to protect your farm and future from the threat of crime, get in touch with Trust Hire today and our expert security professionals will be delighted to help.


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