An Expert’s Guide to Industrial Security

An Expert’s Guide to Industrial Security

Owning an industrial business is a huge responsibility and you have a huge number of things on your plate at all times.

Nothing is more important, however, than your security system, responsible for protecting the safety of everyone inside your premises and protecting valuable assets from the threat of criminal activity.

No matter if you own a factory, manufacturing plant, warehouse, or any other type of industrial facility, security should always be your number one priority.

Trust Hire specialise in industrial security, helping facilities up and down the nation protect themselves against theft, vandalism, and other external threats.

Our expert team have put their heads together and created this helpful guide to industrial security, giving you all the information that you need on the types of security that you require and the threats that need to be managed.

Industrial Security Measures

All of the following security measures are highly effective on industrial sites.

You might need them all to secure your site, or only a few, it will depend on a number of factors, mainly the findings of a security risk assessment that should always be carried out to identify threats specific to your business.

Manned Guarding

Security guards remain integral to any industrial business looking to prevent unauthorised individuals from gaining access to their premises.

Not only will their presence scare off potential intruders and ensure that any suspicious activity is swiftly dealt with but SIA licensed guards have all the skills and training required to deal with live incidents should they occur.

Security guards are an incredibly valuable asset to have and their role can be completely customised depending on your security needs, with responsibilities ranging from checking IDs and manning the front gate to conducting regular mobile patrols along the perimeter.


CCTV cameras are perhaps the single most popular and effective security measure currently available to industrial business owners.

These cameras should be installed in clear view, to maximise their effectiveness as a deterrent, yet well out of reach to avoid the risk of tampering. They should cover all key areas, including access points, the perimeter of the property, and any vehicle parking on site.

Mobile Patrols

Inspections of your property, conducted on a regular basis by expert security officers will give you peace of mind that everything is as it should be on your property.

When you arrange security inspections with Trust Hire, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings, along with recommendations that could be made to improve security.


Security alarms will monitor your site when no-one else is around, ensuring that no-one is able to get inside undetected and issuing a loud warning to ward off anyone who strays too close.

Monitored alarm systems are the perfect choice for an industrial business sites as they ensure that even when no-one is physically on the site, there will always be a team of trained security professionals primed and ready to jump into action if an intrusion or other emergency situation is detected.

When you arrange alarm monitoring with Trust Hire, we will monitor your alarm 24/7 from our alarm receiving centre and deploy a team of SIA security professionals to your site in a matter of minutes once the alarm goes off.

Warning signs

You would be amazed at how many crimes could be prevented simply by making it clear exactly what security measures in place.

Signage informing passers-by that there is CCTV covering the entire site, alarm systems on all gates and doors, and a police response triggered by any security breaches is normally more than enough to send would-be criminals on their way to look for an easier target.

Most thieves are opportunistic, and don’t plan heists like you see in the movies. They will simply travel around looking for sites they believe they can get in and out of without detection and have enough valuable assets inside to make it worth the risk. Warning signs are an easy way to put doubt in the minds of these individuals and will dramatically reduce the chances of being targeted.

Security Lighting

Darkness is a thiefs best friend. Install security lights that burst into life when an individual approaches access points in the dark. These lights will shock intruders, alert staff and security near by and cause most criminals to turn and flee.


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