Commercial CCTV

Great security is the cornerstone of any successful business, and in the modern age, no commercial security system is complete without a fully operational CCTV system. For a lot of businesses, this will mean the installation of permanent


Commercial CCTV

For a lot of businesses, this will mean the installation of permanent wired CCTV and there are many different products on the market to choose from for this purpose from speed dome cameras fitted with standard CCTV camera lenses to smart IP CCTV systems and thermal cameras for nighttime

This is all very well, but what if you are one of the millions of businesses across the UK that works on one site for a short time and then moves on, or works in remote locations where there is no mains electricity access for fixed business CCTV to be installed.

These businesses need protection too, and that is where our rapid deployment mobile CCTV towers come in. Deployed on your site in a matter of minutes by our expert Trust Hire team, a mobile CCTV tower is the perfect choice for construction sites, vacant properties, car parks, events, rail and road works, and a variety of other site with unique business security needs.

Why does your business need Security cameras?

Trust Hire are one of the UK’s leading providers of CCTV cameras for business, and help companies up and down the UK meet their unique security requirements with our tower design commercial CCTV systems.

Keeping your assets secure and your people safe is essential to the success of any great business.

A commercial CCTV system is the best way to do just that and offers the following benefits amongst others:

Deter criminals

The mere presence of CCTV cameras is enough to protect all but the most foolish of criminals from targeting your site. Putting a new CCTV system in place will dramatically reduce the risk of your business being the victim of theft, vandalism, arson, and a variety of other crimes.

Assist security guards

Some CCTV systems can operate solo, replacing the need for manned security and saving you a significant amount in comparison to the cost of 24/7 security guard protection. However, if you do choose to have security guards, a CCTV system will help them massively in their role, allowing them to pick up security threats, identify their location, and deal with them far quicker than would otherwise be possible.

Remote Monitoring

CCTV installation of a CCTV system fitted with remote monitoring technology is a fantastic way to reduce security costs whilst retaining an effective response to emergency incidents. Smart CCTV systems are fitted with secure software that triggers an alarm if suspicious movement is detected. This alert will be sent to an alarm receiving centre where a security professional will assess the threat and either deploy a team of security experts to deal with it or carry out another pre-arranged action.

Our CCTV towers not only capture clear video images, but the cameras transmit images via 5G direct to your mobile device, letting you check in on your property from anywhere in the world.

Reassure customers and staff

CCTV is not only there to deter criminals, but also to reassure your staff and customers that they are protected on site. This will increase productivity and generally create a much more pleasant working environment. It can also help to boost your reputation as a company that cares deeply about its staff and customers and increase company loyalty.

At Trust Hire, we help businesses that are mobile and work on a variety of different sites rather than remaining on one single premises to keep their operations secure with our industry leading mobile CCTV tower systems.

Our CCTV systems offer all the commercial CCTV benefits mentioned above, with the additional advantages of rapid installation, a self-charging battery, and the ability to perform in any location no matter how remote or exposed to the elements it may be.

Commercial CCTV towers

CCTV towers are a modern solution to the issue of temporary and self-sufficient CCTV that has taken the security industry by storm and we are delighted to offer our commercial customers some of the most cost-effective and cutting edge CCTV towers anywhere on the market.

If you are a business that moves around a lot and is constantly working on new sites, a construction or repair firm for example, a CCTV tower can move with you, and will ensure that all your tools, materials, and equipment are covered.

Our cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, compatible with remote monitoring, and create CCTV footage that is crystal clear and suitable for use in insurance claims and legal proceedings.

We offer rapid installation of digital video recorder technology anywhere in the UK and a free site survey to establish the best location for your tower where it will cover the most key areas.

Once installed, these towers work completely on their own, with a long-life battery protected by an armoured box and charged using solar panels. With IP cameras and top-of-the-range video management software, Trust Hire towers are also fitted with the latest AI deep learning technology that learns to recognise human and vehicular shapes on the site, reducing the risk of false alarms and optimising business surveillance on your commercial premises.

Key Features

The key features of our Commercial CCTV towers include:
  • Towering 7m high masts with CCTV cameras providing unrivalled 360 degree coverage of key areas
  • 4K video recording system for HD CCTV footage
  • Stay connected at all times with seamless 5G transmission, letting you access the security camera footage of your business premises live from anywhere in the world at any time
  • Integrated two-way speaker system allows you to issue an audio warning to intruders
  • Cutting edge AI eliminates false alarms and constantly improves the performance of connected recording equipment.
  • Virtual tripwires protect sensitive information, access points, and other key locations
For more information on how a Trust Hire CCTV tower could solve all your commercial CCTV needs, get in touch with us today.


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