Construction Security

Protect your construction project from the ever present threat of theft and vandalism with a construction site mobile CCTV monitoring tower from Trust Hire.


Construction Security

Save money on expensive manned guarding services and avoid paying over the odds for your construction site security whilst maintaining the highest level of security on your site.

A CCTV tower will watch over activity on your site 24 hours a day, providing panoramic views of all site activity and alerting you to any suspicious activity.

Even better, our towers are fully battery and solar powered, meaning they can be used on any site, even when there is no electricity access and are completely wireless. They can be deployed at a moment’s notice by our expert construction site security team, and removed again just as quickly, meaning that you are never left paying for building site security that aren’t being used.

CCTV towers for construction security

  • Imposing metal mast visible from far and wide, reducing the risk of criminal activity.
  • 360 degree coverage of the site both during the working day and when left unattended.
  • Remote access control allowing you to grant or restrict access to the site from afar and eliminate unauthorised access
  • Alarm response from trained security guards trained in conflict management.
  • 5G transmission of live CCTV images direct to your mobile phone or tablet.
  • AI learning technology recognises human and vehicle shapes to keep false alarms to a minimum.
  • Set up virtual tripwires to protect key areas and valuable assets.
  • Monitored CCTV protects the entire site far more effectively than mobile patrols.

Mobile CCTV monitoring vs Security guards

Security guards are the traditional go-to for construction companies looking for physical security protecting access points and key assets during construction projects.

Whilst they certainly still have their place, hiring construction security guards 24/7 is incredibly expensive, and even the most highly trained security officers aren’t able to keep an eye across the entire site in the same way as CCTV cameras.

If you are working on a big enough project, both mobile CCTV towers and construction site security guards could be required but for smaller construction sites, CCTV towers alone offer fantastic protection.

A CCTV tower is just as imposing to criminals as a security guard, especially if they trigger the audio alarm systems that will let them know in no uncertain terms that they are being observed, security guards are on the way, and that the police have been informed.

Should an incident take place on your site, such as accidents involving trespassers, arson, vandalism, or theft only security solutions involving a CCTV tower will provide irrefutable evidence of exactly what happened. The testimony of a security guard is good. HD time stamped video footage is better.

Importance of construction security

To keep your project on track, you need a load of tools, materials, and expensive equipment on site but this can attract attention and you need sufficient security in place to see this off at the pass.

This means installing measures determined in a risk assessment to reduce the risk of criminal activity and keep your site fully protected at all times.

Some of the threats to the construction industry that CCTV towers can help to tackle include:


Theft is a major issue for construction site managers and millions of pounds are lost from the industry every single year as a result of it.

Fuel theft, theft of materials, theft of equipment, and theft of workers’ possessions are all potential dangers your security needs to prevent. CCTV towers are a fantastic visible deterrent, telling would-be criminals they need to steer well clear to avoid detection and identification.


Youths have a habit of using construction sites as their playground, and vandalism/arson are both regular occurrences. Monitored CCTV is excellent at guarding against this as it not only records perpetrators in the act but also allows them to be intercepted at the time, often before any damage has been done to your site.


Even if they mean no harm, it is a major health and safety issue to have unauthorised people walking around your site. Kids will often see your site as a fun playground, without realising or caring about the dangers they pose. Should an accident happen, you could be in legal problems so it is crucial you take steps to avoid them being about to gain access in the first place.

CCTV towers will spot intruders before they have even taken a few steps, allowing you to have them removed and providing valuable footage that can be used to improve your existing security and ensure that it never happens again.

Cost-effective CCTV security services

Trust Hire help construction businesses and vacant sites across the UK to meet their security needs with remote monitoring CCTV solutions.

As a nationwide security company we provide towers anytime and anywhere to sites across the nation, no matter how remote they may be and are widely recognised in the construction industry for the efficiency and value for money of our security service.

Our towers will ensure that security breaches are identified quickly and the appropriate action is taken. Robust security is essential when protecting construction sites, particularly in exposed locations and our towers are fully tamper proof, with the battery stored safety within metal housing.

Should the alarm systems on your tower be activated, we will immediately be notified, as will you, and the emergency services will be informed is deemed necessary.

Our CCTV towers are already making the lives of construction site managers across the nation easier than ever before so why not join the ranks and get in touch with Trust Hire today for more information.


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