Construction Site Security

Mobile CCTV towers are the perfect cost-effective solution for construction site security. Our towers provide 360 degree coverage of a huge area, transmit live images to you and your security team, require no main electricity access, and can be installed and removed to meet your needs.


Construction Site Mobile CCTV Tower Features

As standard, all of our towers boast an impressive range of smart security features

5G video transmission

Monitor activity from afar using your mobile phone, with live images transmitted securely and directly to an app on your device. Log in to view activity at any time, allowing you to check up on regular project progress as well as observing the cause of alarm activations.

Allow remote access

Grant access to your site remotely by checking the identity of visitors approaching access points.

Prevent false alarms

Video verified alarms are far less likely to result in a false security alert than other security measures such as alarms that work solely on motion detection. Even better, our towers are fitted with AI learning technology meaning that they will learn to recognise suspicious activity over time and become more and more effective the longer they are in place.

Eliminate the need for mobile patrols

Mobile patrols by security guards used to be the only effective way to determine if your site's security has been compromised. These guards would examine every inch of construction and vacant sites for signs of tampering, paying particular attention to the perimeter welded mesh fencing and access points. With a CCTV tower, your whole site is covered 24/7, meaning anything that could compromise security will be swiftly identified and resolved.


Construction Site Security

As a construction site manager, you have a huge number of different things on your mind, from organising vehicle access to protecting hazardous materials, and much more besides.
You need to keep your staff safe and assets protected at all times, but can’t afford to blow your entire budget on security.
This is a very difficult balance to find. You want to keep your project under budget and are looking to make savings on security if possible but, at the same time, criminal activity as a result of a lack of security can cost you many thousands and completely derail your schedule.
So, what is the solution? Well, our mobile CCTV towers are a budget friendly and highly cost-effective alternative to traditional construction security services, providing a deterrent to criminals, alerting you to incidents in real-time, and allowing you to check on your site from anywhere in the world.

CCTV towers have quickly grown to become a mainstay of effective construction site security systems in the UK, saving construction companies across the nation a huge amount of stress, time, and money.

Why Construction Site Security?

At Trust Hire, we have developed our CCTV towers with construction site security in mind, with built-in features designed to mitigate the common security threats faced by construction businesses.

A construction site presents a variety of security challenges identified during a risk analysis.

Construction sites are regularly the target of:


Construction projects use a load of expensive equipment, materials, tools, and vehicles so it is no surprise that thieves find them attractive. Fuel theft and the theft of worker’s possessions are also a danger.


Construction sites, especially in urban areas are regularly targeted by vandals and arsonists intent on doing senseless damage to structures and equipment, often whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs.


The scaffolding and half-built structures of an active construction site can be an attractive looking playground for local youths. This can be incredibly dangerous, however, and unauthorised access can land you in hot legal waters if an accident occurs out-of-hours

All in all, preventing security breaches occurring and identifying and dealing with any that do is absolutely critical to construction project success. Our CCTV towers allow you to do all this and more, and comply with all the current Security Industry Authority guidance.


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Mobile CCTV Towers

Mobile CCTV Towers

Trust hire specialise in CCTV towers, a state of the art security measure that provides instant surveillance in any location at a moment’s notice.

CCTV towers are self powered, and can be installed and removed as and when required by our expert team. This makes them the perfect choice for building site security where electricity access may be limited and the security needs of the location are constantly changing.

We specialise in keeping construction sites protected for less, and mobile CCTV towers are a vital tool in the security solutions that we provide.

Deployed, relocated, and removed as and when required, CCTV towers are the perfect accompaniment to a fast moving construction project, adapting and adjusting the services they provide to meet your ever changing security requirements.

Our CCTV towers are constantly adapting to their environment and optimising their performance thanks to deep learning technology. By learning to recognise what is and isn’t normal movement on your property, your tower will only trigger an alarm response when there is a genuine threat, reducing the risk of time and money wasting false alarms.

Deep learning technology

CCTV Towers vs Security Guards

Traditionally, security guards have been essential for any project in the construction industry looking to protect themselves from theft and vandalism.

SIA licensed security guards remain effective, but they are also pretty expensive, especially when hired to protect your site 24/7, and CCTV towers offer a way to reduce costs without compromising on security.

Rather than having guards on site 24/7, monitored CCTV towers will monitor the area for suspicious activity activate an alarm response if it is.

If the alarm goes off it will be detected at a local alarm receiving centre and security guards will be deployed to the site and the police informed. Remote monitoring ensures that emergency situations are still dealt with by highly trained professionals without the cost of hiring them to observe the site around the clock.

After all, even the most effective of security guards can’t have their eyes everywhere at once, whilst CCTV towers can observe every inch of your site for a fraction of the cost.

Our mobile CCTV towers are designed to compliment other physical security measures such as exterior fencing, manned guarding, access control gates, and more.

The exact security measures required will vary between different construction projects but one thing that is consistently identified in the construction site risk assessment process is that a mobile CCTV tower would benefit the project.

Observation of the site over time using a CCTV tower will also allow for additional threats to be identified and different security measures to be put in place if needed.

Comprehensive construction site security


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