Harness the Power of the Sun with a Solar CCTV Tower

Harness the Power of the Sun with a Solar CCTV Tower

Solar powered CCTV towers are revolutionising the security industry, allowing any property owner to install 360 degree CCTV on their site without the need for any mains electricity connections.

For many years, the limitations of mains powered systems had compromised security on many properties, especially construction sites, car parks, and other remote outdoor locations.

Even if a generator could be set up nearby, it was a huge amount of effort and cost simply to get a security system up and running and many decided simply to not use CCTV at all as a result. This led to far more instances of property crime and cost UK property owners millions.

Solar powered CCTV towers have changed the game, and in a big way.

With an in-house battery that is continuously topped up using the power of the sun during daylight hours, a CCTV tower from Trust Hire can run for weeks at a time with no human contact, providing constant monitoring both day and night, allowing you to check on site status from anywhere in the world, and reassuring your staff that they are safe whilst at work.

How does a Solar CCTV tower work?

Solar CCTV towers are tall units, topped with 360 degree CCTV cameras powered by solar panels that are attached to the central housing unit.

It offers all the benefits, frills, and features that you would expect from any modern CCTV with the additional benefit of being able to work in off-grid locations, and being a completely sustainable security option.

At Trust Hire, our solar CCTV towers have been carefully fitted with everything that you could possibly want from a commercial CCTV system in the modern era, including low-light infrared detection, audio alerts, alarm monitoring, virtual tripwires, and more.

Why Solar Energy?

Solar power technology has developed massively over the past couple of decades and was the obvious choice when we looked to develop a range of renewably powered CCTV technologies.

The great thing about Solar CCTV is that no compromises need to be made on the quality of the cameras themselves, or the images that they produce.

There is no drop off in performance at night or in poor weather, the solar panels simply top up the battery when they can and the battery powers a CCTV system that is more than a match for any fixed system in terms of both performance and output.

Solar energy is the one form of renewable energy that you can be confident will never run out and will always be available no matter the location of your site.

Environmentally Friendly security

Solar powered CCTV is both highly effective as a tool against criminals, and very environmentally friendly. Many of our customers care deeply, not only about their staff, their business, and their bottom line, but also about building a company for the future with sustainability at its core.

If you are looking for a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and make more environmental friendly decisions, without ever compromising on your security, safety, or the service that you provide to your customers, opting for a solar CCTV tower is an excellent choice.

Gone are the days where you need to run a gas powered generator 24/7 even when you aren’t on site.

Cost-Effective CCTV

CCTV towers not only help to save the environment but is also extremely cost effective and can save you a lot of money in comparison to a fixed system.

As we mentioned, with a solar CCTV tower, the need for a back-up generator is eliminated, saving you from a pretty hefty energy bill further down the line. Sure you need to factor in the cost of hiring a CCTV tower in the first place, but considering the savings that you can make on energy, and avoiding the cost of criminal activity, it is widely considered to be one of the most cost-effective investments that any business owner can make.

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A solar CCTV tower from the experts here at Trust Hire will revolutionise your business security.

A highly visible deterrent to intruder and packed with powerful security features, a solar CCTV tower is not only the biggest tool in your security toolbox but is also environmentally friendly, a responsible investment for your business, and could save you a tonne of money on your energy bills.

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