How AI Has Changed CCTV Forever

How AI Has Changed CCTV Forever

AI is changing the world as we speak and has already transformed a number of technologies almost beyond all recognition.

Just one of the technologies where the effect of AI has been felt most is Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV). There has been a lot of talk and debate over the last year or so over the pros and cons of AI in technology but the influence it has had on CCTV and the benefits to home and business owners an AI CCTV system is certainly a tick in the positives common.

CCTV has always been a good tool for security but has always been reliant on humans to monitor footage, process what they see and choose the most appropriate response.

Many businesses simply don’t have the manpower to monitor their CCTV system constantly or hire a security guard to do so. This meant that whilst CCTV was great for providing the police with evidence in the event of a crime or establishing the facts after a workplace argument, it did little to prevent crimes occurring in the first place. In comparison, CCTV systems that are powered by AI can automatically identify threats and alert those in a position to act.

Automated video analysis, deep learning decision making, and biometric identification are just some of the features available in modern CCTV systems and CCTV towers that have transformed the video surveillance world forever.

Top AI Features in Modern CCTV

ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition)

One of the AI features that have been around for several years now ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) is a fantastic tool for the police and those looking to ensure only authorised vehicles are able to gain access to their site.

Automatically identifying a vehicle by its plate, an ANPR camera can be programmed to either grant or deny access to a location with no human assistance whatsoever. It is now a common tool used in car parks to prevent the need for any human assistants. It is also used by the police to track down stolen vehicles and identify those who have committed road traffic violations.

False alarm elimination

False alarms have been the bane of commercial property owners and security companies for decades now. A slight shift in movement or a change in the lighting would set the alarm blaring and trigger a full-scale, and completely unnecessary, emergency response.

AI has massively reduced the risk of false alarms. CCTV towers are now able to determine the difference between genuine threats and routine movements on your site. Even better, many come with deep learning technology that allows them to continuously improve their threat detection over time. If a false alarm does occur, with AI CCTV in place it won’t happen again.

Smart Search

Gone are the days of trawling through hours of CCTV footage in an attempt to identify an incident that could have occurred at any time over the past few days.

AI powered CCTV systems will automatically flag up potential incidents and can be tasked with locating specific people, events, or even objects. The police are the primary users of such technology which allows them to find key evidence in an extremely short period of time, but it can also benefit commercial users.


AI CCTV doesn’t only do the job of one security guard, it dramatically reduces your need for human resources whilst also allowing you to scale up your surveillance operations. AI CCTV is brilliant at multi-tasking and can easily monitor several cameras at once, paying close attention that would required the eyes of at least 2 or 3 human operators.

This has allowed technologies such as CCTV towers to become the go-to choice for large scale infrastructure projects such as transport network maintenance and installation, covering a huge area of land with very little man-power or ongoing expenditure.

Overall, AI has brought in a new age of CCTV, combining a selection of smart security tools to reduce false alarms and increase scalability. AI CCTV towers are the talk of the town for Government groups, businesses, and local communities looking for a cost-effective way to keep locations secure and criminals at bay.

As we are seeing in almost every other industry, there is no sign of AI slowing down anytime soon and it will be fascinating to see where the AI CCTV world goes next.


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