How to protect your property in a rural location

How to protect your property in a rural location

There are many fantastic benefits to life out in the countryside, but there are also a few potential downsides that you need to consider.

One of the biggest is that many of the most popular security measures used in urban areas are less effective, or might not work at all in a rural one, especially if you have a large area of land to protect.

Neighbours being few and far between might be one of the biggest draws to life in the country, but once again it can make security more of a challenge. If you are away from home and someone tries to break in, for example, there is a much lower chance of a passer by or a neighbour spotting them and calling the police.

There are also a number of security threats that are much more prominent in rural locations. Theft, vandalism, and other property crimes exist in all walks of life but crimes like livestock theft and fly tipping are much more common in the countryside.

Unique security threats means unique security solutions and at Trust Hire we have worked hard to produce a product range that serves everyone. We specialise in protecting construction and infrastructure projects using CCTV towers and have implemented a number of incredible features that allow our towers to protect such projects in rural areas which may be left unattended for significant periods of time.

In this article we will look at some of the best ways to maximise security on either a domestic or commercial site in a rural area.


Why are rural areas under threat?

Many of the reasons that the countryside appeals to property owners also appeal to criminals.

Solitude, peace and quiet, and a low risk of running into anyone else are music to the ears of thieves and fly tippers so it is no surprise that isolated properties are frequently targeted.

With the right security measures in place, you can significantly reduce the risk that you will be the next to fall victim to rural crime or ensure that your building project or commercial premises is not compromised.

Farms are big business in the UK, and are popular targets for criminals due to an abundance of vehicles, livestock, and other valuable assets. For this reason, farmers need to pay just as much attention, if not more, to security as any other business owner.


Rural Security Measures

Intruder Alarms

Effective in both urban and rural areas, an intruder alarm will dramatically reduce the risk of your rural property being burgled. The best intruder alarms on the market are pretty loud as well, meaning that even if your neighbour isn’t right next door they will still be able to hear it.

If you really are out on your own, a monitored alarm system is the best bet. This will automatically alert the police or your security firm who will send a team directly to the property if you are away from home.

Install Anti-Fly tipping measures

Fly tipping is a serious problem in rural areas across the UK. Criminals will charge people to clear away their waste only to dump it anywhere they can find to do so to avoid disposal fees. This crime is usually carried out in small vans such as ford transits and rural areas are most at risk.

If there is a place on your land where fly tipping may be possible, close to a road where a vehicle you gain access, you should pay particular attention to that area with your security, installing bollards to prevent access, CCTV to monitor activity, and lighting to make the area less attractive to criminals.

Install a CCTV tower

CCTV is a fantastic tool for any property owner looking to protect their land. Whilst fixed CCTV is great for homeowners, if you are looking to protect a construction site or infrastructure project in the countryside, it probably isn’t an option.

The area is too remote, there is no electricity access, and you don’t need long-term surveillance anyway. Step forward CCTV towers, a modern solution to an age-old problem. These units are installed in a trice and will provide 360 degree surveillance of a large area of land with no wires required.

You can access footage from your CCTV tower from anywhere in the world on your phone, and the tower will automatically alert you to anything suspicious that takes place whilst you are off-site.


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