Maximise your construction site security with CCTV towers

Maximise your construction site security with CCTV towers

Construction sites are packed with highly valuable assets including materials, equipment, fuel, tools, and more.

This makes them prime targets for bad guys and the construction industry is plagues annually by thieves, vandals, and other criminals.

To protect your construction site from joining the thousands who fall victim to crime every single year it is vital you choose the right security system.

One such system is a mobile CCTV tower, a completely wireless surveillance system that records a huge area of your site, is visible from miles around, requires very little ongoing maintenance. Far better than splashing out on a whole wired CCTV system only to have to replace it again once the situation changes.

Why do construction sites need security?

Construction sites are often targeted by criminals due to the valuable assets they contain. According to industry reports, construction sites experience high rates of crime, including theft, vandalism, and arson. These criminal activities not only result in financial losses but can also cause delays in construction projects, affecting project timelines and budgets.

Why could CCTV towers be the perfect choice?

CCTV towers aren’t solely used on construction sites, but the construction industry certainly is one of our biggest clients as one of the UK’s leading CCTV tower installers.

It isn’t difficult to see why when you realise that many of the biggest benefits to CCTV towers are most applicable to hard to access locations such as building sites where there may be a lack of mains electricity or traditional security systems simply aren’t an option.

Just some of the biggest benefits to using CCTV towers to protect your construction site include:

No Mains Electricity required

Many construction sites, particularly at an early stage, do not have access to mains electricity and cannot, therefore, power traditional fixed CCTV systems or alarms.

CCTV towers on the other hand, are completely self-powered with a battery unit contained within an armoured case and topped up by a built in solar panel.

Thanks to this self-sufficient set-up CCTV towers can be deployed literally anywhere, as long as they have a mobile signal to transmit live footage.

Deterring Criminals

Trust us, criminals aren’t too keen to pick a site with a bright orange pole towering above it topped with CCTV cameras.

Visible from the perimeter of all but the biggest sites, CCTV towers will take the idea of criminal activity out of the head of any potential wrongdoer with an iota of common sense in their heads.

The primary objective of CCTV is often considered to be its ability to catch criminals in the act, but the reality is you will often see a marked drop-off in the incidents of attempted crimes the moment that a CCTV tower is installed.

Real-time reporting

CCTV towers send live images directly to your mobile device, allowing you to check what is taking place on your construction site at any moment of the day or night without even having to visit.

This is not only great for your peace of mind that there has not been a security breach but also lets you catch up on project progress from afar or even do something as seemingly mundane as checking if a delivery has been made.

It is not only you who can be granted access to this footage either. You could arrange for your local security firm (hopefully Trust Hire!) to have access as well, allowing them to monitor the site on your behalf and respond in good time to any potential breaches in security.


With a CCTV tower from Trust Hire, keeping your construction site secure has never been easier.

By protecting your staff and assets with a tower than monitors all activity 24 hours a day, you can relax in the knowledge that anything suspicious will swiftly be picked up, identified, and investigated by highly qualified security professionals.

Even if something is missed in real-time the tower will capture it in perfect clarity, allowing for the identification of intruders and providing evidence for the police or any future insurance claim.

If you have any questions about CCTV tower installation, or how it could benefit your building site, get in touch with the expert team here at Trust Hire today.


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