Mobile CCTV tower

Trust Hire are the leading provider of high-quality affordable remote monitoring CCTV towers, perfect for use on construction sites, vacant properties, and anywhere else where permanent wired CCTV is not an option.


Mobile CCTV tower

Security cameras are an absolute must for any modern property manager serious about site security, providing evidence in the event of criminal activity or a workplace accident, deterring criminals, reassuring insurers, and generally making your premises a safer and more secure place to be.

Security camera footage is often the key evidence in insurance claims and in the police’s attempts to track down and locate the perpetrators of crime. If you own your own premises and expect to be there for many years, your best option is to have fixed security cameras installed by a professional security firm as part of a larger home security system.

However, for premises that you are only going to be using for a short period of time, such as event venues, or locations where there is no mains electricity access, such as rural car parks or construction sites, this is not feasible or cost-effective.

This is where our mobile CCTV towers come in. These towers offer 360 degree surveillance of a wide area of land and can be installed or removed at a moment’s notice by our expert security team. Our towers feature multiple security cameras atop an imposing metal pole and can be deployed in almost any location.

They are completely self-sufficient, with battery powered cameras constantly topped up by solar panels and come fitted with infrared night vision for 24 hour protection.

Give the experts at Trust Hire a call today and we will have a robust CCTV tower on site in no time at all, providing comprehensive security where you need it most and saving you a huge amount in comparison to manned guarding or other more traditional security services.

Our wireless security cameras

  • 7m tall metal mast acts as a highly effective deterrent to criminals and provides widespread views of the entire site
  • 4k video recording and 5G transmission of live footage direct to your mobile device
  • Robust outdoor security cameras capable of high performance even in any weather.
  • Impressive night vision range for low light surveillance
  • Alarm monitoring system for live response to emergency incidents
  • Artificial intelligence learns to recognise the shape of people and vehicles to minimise the risk of false alarms
  • A full security camera system installed and operational in a matter of minutes

Why Choose wireless cameras for your surveillance system?

No mains electricity required

One of the biggest attractions of wireless surveillance cameras over traditional wired cameras is that they require no access to mains electricity to run. This makes them perfect for use in rural locations, car parks, construction sites, vacant properties, outdoor events and a myriad of other locations that would otherwise be challenging to secure.

Visible Deterrent

Criminals are far less likely to target a property if there is clear evidence of a surveillance camera in plain view of the perimeter. An imposing 7m tall metal pole topped with outdoor cameras and clearly signposted as a surveillance system is pretty hard to miss. Our clients almost universally report significant drop offs in criminal activity following the installation of a CCTV tower.

Rapid installation

Trust Hire will have your CCTV tower up and running in no time, making them the perfect choice for short term an emergency surveillance. No matter if your existing wired security system is out of action and you need temporary surveillance whilst it is replaced, or you need wireless CCTV for the duration of your project, our CCTV towers will meet all your needs and more.

Extremely robust

Unlike wireless home security cameras, our commercial CCTV towers are designed to last with a robust metal housing unit protecting the battery within from tampering and the weather. A home security camera will also probably only feature local video storage whilst our systems send video footage via 5G to an alarm monitoring station and your own mobile device.

Alarm Monitoring compatibility

Our CAT 2 remote station, monitored 24/7 by experienced security professionals will ensure the appropriate response is carried out to any security breaches that are detected by your CCTV tower. If an incident occurs, you will be alerted immediately, along with our security team who will inform the emergency services if required. A loud audio warning will also be issued from the tower directly using the built-in speakers to inform intruders that they are under close observation and that a live security response has been triggered.

AI learning technology

Our towers feature in-built deep learning technology meaning that they are constantly adapting and learning about the environment around them to improve operational efficiency.

Any false activations will be noted as such and changes will automatically be made within the system to discard similar movements in the future and prevent repeat incidents. Invisible virtual tripwires can also be set-up to protect key areas and will trigger an instant response if breached, with designated responders immediately notified.

Low maintenance

CCTV towers are designed to operate independently and will require no ongoing maintenance from you, allowing you to leave the site as and when required with peace of mind that your surveillance system remains fully operational. Any issues that are detected will be dealt with immediately by our expert team.

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