Mobile CCTV Towers

Trust Hire provide temporary monitoring solutions for vacant properties, construction sites, car parks, and anywhere else that requires an alternative to mains powered security.


Key Features

As standard, all of our towers boast an impressive range of smart security features

Imposing 7m tall brightly coloured mast

65m 360 degree range for maximum coverage and protection

4k video recording and 5G transmission

Customisable audio alerts to warn off intruders

Low light technology for 24/7 protection

Compatible with alarm monitoring services

Artificial intelligence learning technology effectively eliminating false alarms

Intrusion detection and virtual tripwire capabilities

Installed and fully operational in a matter of minutes


Mobile CCTV Towers

Providing fast installation anywhere across the UK, our full range of CCTV towers provides an alternative to traditional mains power security systems, saving you time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

We are one of the UK’s leading CCTV security providers and have a proud reputation of providing highly cost-effective bespoke security solutions.

CCTV towers can be installed by our Trust Hire expert installers in a matter of minutes, providing immediate 24/7 coverage of your property and providing both you and your security staff with real-time security alerts should an intruder be detected.

Full-time security guards are expensive, and if you only need security for a short-time, installing fixed CCTV simply isn’t worth the cost either. This is where CCTV towers come in, ensuring that you are never left unprotected against the threat of crime, without costing you a fortune. The moment you no longer require our towers, our team will take them away, ensuring you never pay more than necessary for your surveillance system.

Protect your construction site, vacant property, event, car park, or any other property today with a mobile CCTV tower from Trust Hire. It is just a matter of giving our expert team a call, and a robust, commercial CCTV tower system will be on the way to you in no time at all.


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Highly visible deterrent

It is pretty hard to miss our mobile CCTV tower with their highly coloured 7m tall masts topped with 360 degree security cameras, making them a highly effective visual deterrent to intruders. It is a very naive criminal who would attempt to commit theft or vandalism in the nearby area in sight of a CCTV tower and almost all our clients report a noticeable drop off in occurrences of both following deployment.

Our CCTV towers are constantly adapting to their environment and optimising their performance thanks to deep learning technology. By learning to recognise what is and isn’t normal movement on your property, your tower will only trigger an alarm response when there is a genuine threat, reducing the risk of time and money wasting false alarms.

Deep learning technology

Rapid deployment

It’s in the name after all! Remote monitoring CCTV towers can be installed on any site in a matter of minutes by our expert Trust Hire team.
If you need surveillance CCTV as a matter of urgency, our CCTV towers will provide it, offering immediate comprehensive coverage of your entire site.
No matter if you need temporary coverage until fixed Cctv can be installed, the property status will change again in the near future, or your electricity is down and you need protection until it returns, rapid deployment Cctv towers have got you covered.

Need short term security to keep staff, assets, and attendees safe at your next event? CCTV towers stand out from the crowd in more ways than one and can be used to protect festivals, concerts, outdoor shows, and more. Not only do towers require no electricity supply to operate, making them ideal for events in outdoor locations, at 7m in height they provide wide ranging views across a large swathe of property and people. During your event, your security staff will utilise the live imagery produced by these towers to identify any suspicious behaviour or emergency situations and provide the appropriate response.

Perfect for events

No mains electricity needed

Mobile CCTV towers are fitted with a long-lasting battery, housed within an armoured box at the bottom of the tower. They require no mains access to operate, providing a comprehensive security solution for previously hard to protect locations such as car parks, construction sites, vacant properties, etc. Our Trust Hire Eco-mobile CCTV tower is also fitted with solar panels that recharge this battery over time, allowing you to leave
Our rapid deployment CCTV is fitted with 5G secure transmission technology, broadcasting crystal clear images of your property to your phone or mobile device from anywhere in the world. CCTV towers are often used on properties that cannot be visited in person on a regular basis, and this feature allows you to check on the status of your site without spending valuable time and money travelling to the location.

Remote Access

Compatible with alarm monitoring

Should your CCTV tower detect a security breach an alert will be sent directly to you, and to our alarm receiving centre, if you have arranged an alarm monitoring service with Trust Hire. This is a highly cost effective security solution as it allows you to save money reducing the need for physical security guards to be in place 24/7 whilst still ensuring that all emergency situation are dealt with effectively. The moment an alert from your CCTV tower is required at our alarm monitoring station, we will access your live footage and deploy a team of highly trained security officers to the site if required. We can also contact the police on your behalf, and work alongside them to provide the most effective possible response.
Once your CCTV tower is installed, you can sit back and relax with no ongoing maintenance required on your count. With a self-charging solar battery, our towers can be self-sufficient for many weeks at a time, but we will constantly monitor their status and provide any maintenance or repairs that are required as a matter of urgency if any issues arise.

Low Maintenance


Service you can trust

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