Mobile CCTV

Trust Hire provides Mobile CCTV solutions to companies up and down the UK, keeping costs low and assets secure at all times.


Mobile CCTV

An alternative to traditional mains power CCTV, mobile CCTV towers can be deployed anytime and anywhere, providing instant video surveillance on your premises and protecting you from the threat of criminal activity.

The experts here at Trust Hire will have a CCTV tower up and running in no time, immediately protecting you from a variety of threats and providing valuable evidence in the event that an incident does occur nearby.

Mobile CCTV towers are a highly cost-effective alternative to traditional security guards which are incredibly expensive to hire around the clock and with alarm monitoring built-in you will still have a rapid response to any emergency situations that occur.

Who needs a Mobile CCTV tower?

Trust Hire provides CCTV towers to a huge range of different clients up and down the UK. Anyone who needs surveillance in an area without mains electricity access or only needs surveillance on a temporary basis whilst fixed CCTV cameras are installed or they move on to another site could benefit from a mobile CCTV camera tower.

Our towers are particularly popular for:
  • Construction sites – Ever changing projects with large quantities of expensive tools, equipment, and materials on site at any one time, remote monitoring is the perfect balance between expensive manned guarding and passive CCTV.
  • Car Parks – ANPR technology can be integrated into our mobile CCTV towers, ensuring that only authorised vehicles are allowed access into your car park and protecting all vehicles from the threat of theft and vandalism.
  • Vacant properties – Void property status is a great way to save money whilst looking for a tenant in your vacant property but does mean there will be no access to electricity or other utilities for a certain period. CCTV towers and motion detection technology keeps you protected at this time.
  • Rural areas – Rural areas are frequently the victim of fly tippers, taking advantage of the seclusion to illegally dump waste and unwanted goods. The installation of security CCTV cameras that require no mains power will swiftly put an end to this in your area.
  • Transport projects – Rail and road projects can take place anywhere in the country, often well away from electricity access. These sites must be protected for safety and financial reasons and CCTV towers are a great way to make sure that they are.

Advantages of using a mobile CCTV tower

Visual deterrent

By installing your mobile CCTV tower in a highly visible area, close to the perimeter of your property, you will make it clear to anyone approaching that they are under surveillance. Our CCTV towers are extremely effective visual deterrents to criminals, standing 7 metres tall and making it pretty clear to all those nearby that attempting theft or vandalism in the nearby area is a foolish endeavour.

AI learning

Our CCTV towers not only come with a variety of impressive security features but are constantly updating and improving their services through deep learning AI technology built-into the system. This will reduce the likelihood of false alarms and ensure that any security breaches are treated as the emergencies that they are.

Alarm Monitoring

If a security breach is detected on your property, an alert will be sent directly to our alarm receiving centre where a security professional will assess it and determine what action should be taken. This is where our mobile towers stand out from more traditional CCTV cameras that will record footage that can be used retrospectively but can only be used to tackle live incidents if there is a guard stationed at a monitoring station on site.

Easy maintenance

CCTV towers are designed to protect vacant sites left empty for days or even weeks at a time. This means that they require extremely little ongoing maintenance and really are as close to a set and forget security measure as it is possible to install.

Rapid Installation

We will deliver your CCTV tower rapidly and install it in just a few minutes once on site. The Trust Hire team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the coverage that your system will produce or how to access the live images on your phone or tablet.

Great for events

As mobile CCTV towers can easily be deployed and removed at short notice, they are great for securing a location temporarily whilst an event is held there. Festivals, concerts, and sporting events are all popular uses for our towers, standing high above the crowd and providing an overview of crowd activity unrivalled by any other security technology.

Remote access

Once your tower is in place on site, you will be able to access footage whenever you want via an app on your phone or other mobile device. This gives you peace of mind that your site is secure when you aren’t able to attend in person and will allow you to review alarm activations alongside your monitored alarm system.

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