Security For Vacant Property

Do you own a property that is currently sitting empty? If so, it is vital that you put the right security measures in place to protect it from the threat of criminals and anti social behaviour.


Security For Vacant Property

Many property managers without a current tenant apply for void property status to save money on electricity and other utilities, a good idea, but also a move that brings about a number of security threats. Without electricity, you might think security could be a challenge, with traditional CCTV and other technology based vacant property security solutions unable to run.

Our CCTV towers are the perfect solution. They can be deployed the moment your property is empty, and removed the instant activity resumes, ensuring you only ever pay for the vacant property security services you need. They prevent the need for full time security guards and are an incredibly cost effective solution to the problem of protecting an empty property.

They provide 360 degree surveillance of your site whilst it is empty and you can access the live feed directly from your mobile phone at any time, giving you peace of mind that all is well when you can’t be there in person. They also come fitted with a remotely monitored alarm system meaning that any intruder detection will be treated seriously by a team of security experts and the police can be informed if required.

Trust Hire are your vacant property security specialists and are the go-to choice for property owners looking to secure an empty building in the UK at a great price.

Why vacant property security?

If you are a property owner of one, or many vacant properties, you might be wondering if a CCTV tower is a bit overkill?

You have your security doors in place, the place has been stripped of valuable assets, and nearby properties have been informed, why would anyone want to target you?

Some of the threats to vacant property security include:


Even if you do remove all valuable assets from the property, some criminals will see value in the building itself.

Copper pipes for example. Metal theft is always pretty popular, and it is not unusual for vacant property owners to return to their property months down the line only to discover it has been stripped from the inside out.

Fly tipping

Vacant land in rural areas can often be the target of fly tipping, with people taking advantage of the secluded location to dispose of all sorts of nasty waste.

The sight of a CCTV tower will shrink the risk of fly tipping to pretty much nothing, removing all the attractiveness of the location to criminals.

Vandalism and arson

You may be able to prevent theft in vacant buildings through deterrent alone but the mindless action of those intent on anti social behaviour, especially under the influence of drugs or alcohol will require a more active security solution.

Luckily, our CAT 2 in-house alarm monitoring team are on hand to monitor the status of your tower 24 hours a day, meaning that if your tower detects an issue in your vacant commercial property, the appropriate action will be taken. A security breach will be identified immediately by your tower and a security guard response will attend the scene to deal with any threat. The local authorities will also be alerted.


Empty properties are a magnet for squatters who can be incredibly difficult to get rid of once they have occupied a building. Identifying them the moment that they attempt to force entry and taking steps to keep the property secure will avoid the lengthly legal battle that can come from attempting to evict squatters and there is no matter way to achieve this than through CCTV towers.

CCTV for car parks

Another location in which CCTV towers thrive is in car parks, especially those in rural areas, where there are no staff or security personnel on site, and a raft of expensive vehicles attracting criminal behaviour.

We have towers stationed in car parks across the nation, not only working to deter thieves from attempting to target people’s cars, but also providing evidence in the event that an incident occurs and the police are informed.

If you own multiple car parks across the UK, CCTV monitoring towers allow you to check on the status of each one at any time that suits you, without having to travel hundreds of miles at a time.

Our Security for vacant property services

Trust Hire lead the security industry when it comes to protecting vacant properties with CCTV towers designed specifically to work independently without the assistance of an on-site security team.

Your own personal vacant property guardian, a CCTV tower will keep you fully abreast of anything that happens on your site at a fraction of the cost of full-time security.

It will also guard you from false insurance claims, and ensure that you are completely covered if a criminal offence occurs. For greater security, steel doors could be installed to protect the entry points or security guards/security dogs hired to carry out mobile patrols ALONGSIDE your CCTV tower on larger sites.

If you have any questions on how a mobile CCTV tower could provide protection to you and your business against a full range of potential hazards whilst keeping security costs as low as possible, get in touch with Trust Hire today.


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