Site Security

Trust Hire provides cutting edge remote monitoring CCTV towers to construction sites and vacant properties across the UK, helping you to keep your site secure for less.


Site Security

Construction sites are popular targets for security threats such as theft, vandalism, and trespassing. Protecting your construction project from these risks is vital to ensuring your success and minimizing financial losses.

In recent years, mobile CCTV towers have emerged as an innovative and highly effective solution for site security and at Trust Hire, we offer some of the best value and high performance towers anywhere on the market as part of our site security services.

Mobile CCTV towers for site security

  • Imposing metal mast visible from afar acts as a powerful deterrent to criminals
  • Alarm monitoring capabilities ensures an immediate response to emergency incidents
  • 360 degree coverage 24 hours a day
  • 5G video transmission of live footage accessible via mobile phone or tablet from anywhere in the world
  • Remote access control acting as a first line of defence against unauthorised individuals
  • AI learning technology to eliminate false alarms
  • Virtual tripwires to protect key areas.

Why do construction sites need remote monitoring?

Construction sites are attractive targets for criminals due to the presence of valuable tools, equipment, and materials.

The threats that sites face include:


Theft, in particular, poses a significant risk to the construction industry. Millions of pounds are lost each year due to theft of fuel, materials, equipment, and even workers’ possessions.

Construction businesses have a huge number of assets for each project and many must remain on site at all times. Monitored CCTV towers ensure that a close eye is kept on them and access points are under close observation at all times.


Vandalism and arson also pose serious threats to construction companies, as they can cause extensive damage, delays, and increased costs.


Children and youths often see construction sites as potential playgrounds with scaffolding, equipment and vehicles to climb on but trespassing on construction sites can lead to serious accidents and legal complications, making it crucial that you are able to prevent unauthorised individuals from being able to gain access.

In the past, construction companies relied heavily on security guards to protect their sites. While security guards play an important role, they have limitations. Hiring security guards 24/7 can be very expensive, especially for smaller construction projects. Moreover, security guards are unable to monitor the entire site simultaneously, leaving blind spots vulnerable to criminal activities. These limitations have led to the emergence of more advanced and comprehensive security solutions, such as mobile CCTV towers.

Our Mobile CCTV Towers

Mobile CCTV towers have revolutionized the way construction sites are protected. These towers provide enhanced surveillance, deterrence, and rapid emergency respoonse, ensuring comprehensive security coverage at all time.

At Trust Hire, our CCTV towers offer:

24/7 Surveillance and Real-Time Alerts

One of the primary advantages of mobile CCTV towers is their ability to monitor construction sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Equipped with high-quality cameras and advanced monitoring systems, these towers capture 360 degree views of the entire site. Any suspicious activity is immediately detected, triggering real-time alerts that are picked up at a remote monitoring station. As well as the emergency services, you will also be promptly informed of any potential security breaches, allowing for swift action and preventing incidents from escalating.

Full adaptability

Unlike fixed CCTV cameras, mobile CCTV towers offer unparalleled flexibility and mobility. They can be easily deployed and repositioned as needed, adapting to the evolving security requirements of construction sites. This flexibility allows you to maximise the effectiveness of your security system, ensuring optimal coverage of critical areas. Whether your construction site is in a remote location or lacks access to electricity, mobile CCTV towers can operate independently, thanks to their battery and solar-powered capabilities.

Deterrent to criminal activity

Mobile CCTV towers are designed to serve as a highly visible deterrent to potential criminals. Featuring imposing metal masts, these towers are instantly recognizable from afar, signaling that the site is under surveillance and it would be incredibly unwise to approach. The mere presence of mobile CCTV towers sends a powerful message to would-be criminals that their illicit activities will be captured on camera, increasing the risk of identification and immediate or future detainment.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Mobile CCTV towers incorporate advanced technologies that further strengthen security on construction and vacant sites in a way that is not possible through traditional mobile patrols.

AI learning technology in particular plays a pivotal role in minimizing false alarms. By recognizing human and vehicle shapes, the system can differentiate between genuine threats and harmless activities.

Virtual tripwires add an extra level of protection to key areas and valuable assets within the construction site. These virtual boundaries trigger alerts whenever someone crosses them, providing immediate notification of potential breaches.

Rapid emergency response

When security incidents occur on construction sites, it is crucial to have irrefutable evidence to support investigations and legal proceedings. Mobile CCTV towers provide precisely that. With high-definition, time-stamped video footage, you have a concrete record of what transpired. This is much more effective that the testimony of security guards alone.

Upon detecting suspicious activities, the towers will trigger audio alarms, alerting the intruder, on-site security personnel and the authorities.

Cost-Effective Site security

Mobile CCTV towers offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional manned guarding services. By opting for mobile CCTV towers, you can save considerable expenses associated with hiring and maintaining security guards on-site around the clock.

Construction site security is a critical aspect of any successful project. The advent of mobile CCTV towers has transformed the way construction sites are protected, offering superior surveillance, deterrence, and incident response capabilities. These towers provide 24/7 monitoring, real-time alerts, flexibility, and advanced technologies to keep your construction site secure without draining your budget.

The expert team here at Trust Hire specialise in providing excellent value to construction sites and vacant properties across the UK, and if you are looking for additional security on your site, we are the experts that you need to call.

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