Surveillance CCTV

CCTV is at the heart of any modern security system for businesses and property owners across the UK.


Surveillance CCTV

Trust Hire lead the market when it comes to rapid deployment video surveillance with our range of incredibly cost-effective CCTV towers that can be erected in any location across the nation at a moment’s notice.

A CCTV system with high definition cameras, facial recognition technology, and the latest in video analytics and AI learning will revolutionise your security systems. CCTV surveillance footage recorded by your 360 degree video cameras will be crucial when filling an insurance claim or assisting the police following an incident on-site.

The tower itself is also an incredibly effective deterrent to criminals, letting them know that if they try to target you they will be under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. Fixed CCTV systems are great for permanent businesses who intend to be in the same location for many years, but for construction sites, road and rail maintenance, void property, and other sites that only require temporary surveillance, a mobile CCTV tower is ideal.

Our surveillance camera systems can be deployed in an instant by our expert team and are completely self contained with a battery contained within a tamper-proof armoured shell and charged using solar panels.

They are also fitted with alarm monitoring technology and monitored around the clock by experts from leading security companies at a remote video response centre, allowing for an immediate response to live ongoing emergency situations.

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Our CCTV camera towers

Trust Hire are your local CCTV surveillance experts, providing mobile security solutions packed full of the latest technology for ultimate intruder detection and access control capabilities.

Our closed circuit television towers feature:
  • A 7m tall pole topped with market leading CCTV cameras providing 360 degree coverage of a wide area of your site.
  • Installed and fully operational in minutes.
  • 4k video recording captured on a recording device and transmitted directly to your phone or tablet via 5G.
  • Night vision technology for exceptional low-light performance.
  • Alarm monitoring by a security expert who will contact the local authorities if required to deal with ongoing situations.
  • AI technology to minimise false alarms
  • ANPR integration to verify vehicles number plates and prevent unauthorised access.

Benefits of Wireless Security Systems

No mains electricity access needed

In the past, construction sites, void properties, and rural locations have been hard to secure due to a lack of mains electricity access for fixed CCTV installation. No longer. Our CCTV towers are completely self-sufficient and can operate in pretty much any location you can possibly think of with a long-lasting battery constantly topped up with a build in solar panel system.

Effective crime deterrent

No matter if you are a major construction firm or a high street store, deterring criminals in the first place is a much better security strategy than dealing with active threats. When it comes to visible deterrents for criminals, few are more effective that a 7m high pole sticking up in the sky visible from anywhere on or around the site and topped with numerous surveillance CCTV cameras.

Remember that if you wish to install a surveillance CCTV system in an area where it may observe the general public, you must ensure that you are fully complaint with the data protection act. If you have any questions about data protection law, get in touch with the expert team at Trust Hire today.

Fast Installation

We will have your video surveillance CCTV system up and running in no time at all with expert installers who can set-up a tower on any site in just a few short minutes.

This is perfect if circumstances suddenly change or your existing security systems go down and you need temporary video surveillance until they are back up.

Alarm monitoring

We have a CAT 2 monitoring station constantly monitored by expert security professionals who will keep an eye on your site 24/7 and ensure the appropriate response is taken to any alarm activations or security breaches. Such responses may include the issuing of a custom audio warning to the intruder using the integrated 2 way speaker system, the deployment of a team of security guards to the site, or contacting the local authorities.

AI Learning

Our Surveillance CCTV towers are constantly optimising their services using deep learning technology to minimise false alarms and improve the accuracy of alarm activations. Virtual tripwires can be set up to protect key areas more effectively and trigger a more urgent response if they are breached, whilst our cameras are also capable of determining the difference between people and vehicles.

Easy to maintain

You want a surveillance CCTV system you can install and then forget about, safe in the knowledge it is there in the background protecting you, your assets, and your staff. CCTV towers are as low maintenance as it gets when it comes to security systems as they are designed to operate on sites with no human activity for weeks at a time. Any issues that do occur with your video surveillance tower will be picked up by our team and we will be on site as a matter of urgency to carry out repairs and get you back up and running.

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