The Complete Guide to Warehouse Security

The Complete Guide to Warehouse Security

Without the correct security measures in place, keeping your warehouse protected against the threat of criminal activity is impossible.

Warehouses are large buildings, often found in remote locations, with constant comings and goings an essential part of day-to-day operations. Access may well be required 24 hours a day and a large quantity of valuable goods will usually be stored inside.

Theft in particular is a serious threat to your warehouse security, and has the potential to cost you many thousands of pounds in lost assets.

If you own or manage a warehouse you need a comprehensive security strategy to ensure you don’t add to the £900 million+ estimated to be lost from the warehouse and supplier sector on an annual basis.

Luckily, you are in the right place. Trust Hire create bespoke and highly effective security solutions for businesses across the UK, keeping warehouses secured against threats of all shapes sizes and operations running smoothly at all times.

Read on to discover everything that you could possibly need to know about warehouse security.

What are the threats to warehouse security?

Break-in Theft

Without the appropriate perimeter security and access control in place, your stock is at risk of being taken by thieves looking for a quick pay-day. Warehouses are a popular target for external theft as they are often located in rural or remote locations where criminals believe there is a lower risk of being detected or interrupted.

Criminals will often scout out warehouses before attempting a break-in to judge what security is in place and find an easy target. Making sure that casual observers are left in no doubt that you have maximum security in place through measures such as visible CCTV, security guards and perimeter fencing will ensure that the risk of being targeted is significantly lower.

Employee Theft

Unfortunately, employee theft is far from unheard of in warehouses and if you want to build a comprehensive security strategy you need to consider both internal and external threats.

Even minor employee theft can take its toll so it is important not to focus all of your security measures on the exterior of the property alone.


Once an unauthorised individual has accessed your warehouse undetected, there is simply no way to control what happens next. When trying to gain access to your site, or during their purge of your assets, thieves will often do serious damage to equipment and the warehouse itself. This will add insult to injury once the incident is detected as you will likely have to pay a substantial repair bill as well as replacing lost goods.

If your warehouse is located in a more urban location, vandalism fuelled by drink and drugs is always a constant worry, as well as the thought out planned attacks of organised thieves.

How to secure your warehouse

Conduct a Risk Assessment

The first thing to do when creating a warehouse security plan is to conduct a risk assessment to identify the threats that you face. After all, how are you going to guard against security threats if you don’t know what they are?

You can carry out a risk assessment yourself, but it is highly recommended that you consult with a professional security firm. At Trust Hire, our expert security personnel will conduct a detailed analysis of your property and advise you on which security measures will be most effective.

Install Lighting

Well-lit areas are far less likely to be targeted by criminals. Make sure that it is impossible for intruders to approach your site in darkness and install security lighting across the site.

Install CCTV

CCTV is an absolute must in all commercial warehouses. Not only will it help you identify criminals and deter any thieves with some sense, it will also provide essential evidence if an incident does occur. The police can use CCTV footage to find the people responsible and you can use the images as evidence in insurance claims to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Protect the perimeter

Securing the perimeter is the key to effective warehouse security. Quality perimeter fencing is a must have and biometric access control will prevent vehicles and individuals from gaining access without the required identification or authorisation.


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