The Rise of CCTV Towers

The Rise of CCTV Towers

In a world where criminals are becoming smarter and smarter, security technology must constantly be updated and reviewed in an attempt to keep up.

CCTV towers have been a complete gamechanger for those looking to protect either public or private spaces, and has swiftly become a stalwart of the professional security industry.

At Trust Hire we thrive on safeguarding property and people and have always been at the forefront of security innovation. We are incredibly proud to be able to bring our clients CCTV towers packed full of cutting-edge features designed to protect any property in the most cost-effective and hassle-free way possible.

Modern security solutions to modern security threats

As one of the UK’s leading security companies, we understand that the fight against security threats is an ongoing one. Stand still for a second and the technologies used by criminals will overcome the defences against them, leading to a rise in crimes such as theft, vandalism, and more.

CCTV towers are set to stand tall in the security landscape for many years and have proved a massive hit with our clients looking for a comprehensive high quality security solution that matches not one or two but all of the security threats that they face.

Our towers are maxed out with the very latest cameras, motion detection sensors, speaker systems and everything else that you could possibly need to detect an intruder and ensure someone is there to deal with them in no time at all.

A powerful deterrent to criminals

There are few things that send fear flooding through the veins of a criminal quite like the imposing sight of a 6m tall pole topped with CCTV cameras on the premises they intent to target.

What many people don’t realise is that the best security measures don’t merely protect you in the event that a crime is committed, but actually stop a lot of crimes happening in the first place. This has nothing to do with any clever AI features or the quality of the imagery, it is simply due to the fact that criminals will do pretty much anything to avoid detection and will normally steer clear of any site where CCTV is present.

We will place your tower in the location that is most appropriate, based on prior incidents and where can be seen most clearly by passers-by. With a CCTV tower on site you can rest easy that no-one will approach your site undetected, and that they will be well aware that they are being watched.

Emergency Response

We don’t only install towers that deter criminals and record their actions. Our towers allow for a full-scale real-time response to security breaches, meaning that even if someone ignores the warning signs and targets your property they will be intercepted before they get very far.

Our high Resolution cameras are programmed to determine what is and isn’t a genuine threat and will convey this information to both you and your security team. In the event of a real intrusion, a pre-agreed response will be triggered that may include a team of local security guards visiting the site, or the police being called. Either way, if your intruder hangs around they will be swiftly detained, keeping the potential damage they can cause to an absolute bare minimum.

High-value evidence

In the worst case scenario where an incident takes place on your site that cannot be prevented and you need to deal with the consequences, a CCTV tower can make the process a whole lot easier.

AS you’re probably aware, CCTV has been used by the police to solve a tremendous amount of crimes over the years. If you are the victim or theft, having a CCTV tower on site will make it a lot more likely that the culprit is found, identified, and brought to justice. You might even get what was stolen back.

Even if lost goods cannot be recovered the footage of the incident itself should make any insurance claim reasonably straightforward. It will also protect you against any false claims of personal injury.

In some cases, insurers might actually be willing to give you a lower premium on your insurance purely because you have a CCTV tower installed as they recognise that the risk of an incident is much lower with one in place.


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