The Secret Security Solution keeping the UK moving

The Secret Security Solution keeping the UK moving

It is all too easy to take the road and rail networks of the UK for granted until disruption occurs.

Infrastructure projects, whether it is road maintenance, bridge construction, rail repairs, or any other transport related work is integral to economic growth across the nation, and helps us all to be in the right place at the right time.

Unfortunately, these projects are often delayed as a result of criminal activity such as theft, trespassing, or vandalism, leaving the budget for the work decimated and travellers cursing at the news of more delays.

The problem is that infrastructure work can be required anywhere in the nation at any time, from the centre of London to the Scottish Highlands. This means that traditional security measures such as CCTV fixed to the wall of an office or a permanent access control gate are not viable options. They take too long to install and are far too expensive to be cost effective on a short-term basis.

Step forward the CCTV tower. CCTV towers have emerged as the single most cost-effective way to effectively secure temporary locations such as infrastructure and construction projects in the last few years. These towers are designed to be installed and removed in an instant and will provide 24/7 security footage of your site once they are in place.

In this article we will examine just why CCTV towers rose to popularity as fast as they did and why they are now the go-to choice for infrastructure projects across the UK.

Benefits of CCTV towers for Infrastructure Projects

Capture Everything

CCTV towers come equipped with high-resolution cameras that will record every single thing that happens on site. This not only means that security staff can identify criminal activity and the police can use the footage to identify any criminals that target the site but also allows management to track project progress from afar.

Many of the companies responsible for infrastructure operate nationwide and managers will often handle multiple projects at one time. With a CCTV tower in place they can do so from anywhere in the world, thanks to 5G transmission of images sent securely to their mobile device. This saves a whole lot of travelling, time, and money.

Cost Effective security

Traditional security measures such as security guards and perimeter fencing that truly prevents people from gaining access can be pretty expensive and simply aren’t cost effective to implement on every infrastructure project across the UK. CCTV towers are a fantastic long-term investment as they can be used time and time again in whatever location they are required in. Once they are in place, there is very ongoing maintenance needed.

CCTV towers become even more cost effective once you factor in the cost of the crimes that they help to prevent.

Help to document a project

Documenting infrastructure projects is of the upmost importance. The footage that is generated by a CCTV tower is incredibly valuable evidence that can be used in an insurance claim, employee dispute, or police investigation.

Aside from incident reporting, your CCTV tower will also provide you with an overview of how to project went and provide information that can be used to streamline projects in the future. Let’s be honest we would all like it if the infrastructure around us was repaired and installed that little bit faster. With CCTV towers becoming more and more popular, it just might be.

Unlimited flexibility

CCTV towers are completely scalable and can be used to protect infrastructure projects or any size or nature. A single tower from Trust Hire offers pretty impressive coverage of a 65m area, with 360 degree PTX cameras that track the movement of those on the premises. If your site is larger, simply put another tower in place, or several.

CCTV towers are often used to provide security at festivals in huge open fields, giving you a good idea of just how scalable such a system can be.

AI Features

Like it or not, AI is becoming a huge part of technology across the globe. CCTV towers are no different and have developed massively over the past few years to incorporate features such as virtual tripwires and automatic tracking.

They will also learn to ignore normal activity on your infrastructure project so that you aren’t constantly dealing with false alarms and know that when something is flagged up it needs to be taken seriously.


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